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CooperOwen is having an auction on a few one of a kind items from the original ALIEN. The auction is being held on April 23rd, 2002. The two items they have are quite interesting.

Lot 3 An original censor notice for ALIEN, 1979. An original British Board of Film Censors notice rating the film X, with the facsimile signatures of the President Lord Harlech and the Boards secretary. Framed and glazed. Measures approx. 14 inch. x 12 inch. (35 cm x 30 cm). #150-200


4 The watch worn by Ripley throughout the film ALIEN, 1979. The black plastic Casio digital watch worn by Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) throughout the film, mounted with an 8 x 10 colour still and an engraved plaque. Framed and glazed. Approx. 18 x 24 inch. #600-800 Due to its age the watch is no longer operational. Some components missing.

The auction is in UK Pounds (damn them for not hopping on the euro bandwagon :) so note the conversion rate. Check them out!

Note that the above links may not work the first time. If not you can go to the list of items, and they\'re number three and four.

Stats anyone? If you\'ve ever been curious as to who frequents this site, I\'ve made my webstats publicly available. (they\'ve been on for a few weeks now). Check it out at Enjoy!

Well, well. Couldnt get to the website for a few weeks? All I\'ve got to say is: NEVER REGISTER THROUGH NETWORK SOLUTIONS. They are unresponsive, have no way to contact them, etc etc. I don\'t want to go in to it all here, but heed my warning! You\'re reading this because I went to another registrar, and even moved hosting (my hosting was great with Pair, but cost more per month than I wanted).

Dear god, I screwed up today. The site was down for about 24 hours because I'm an idiot and created a different 'index.html' file. it grabbed this one before the default 'index.php3'. Arr. sorry!

I just caught wind that there is an auction of original alien merchandise going down. You can find it right here!

Added a few more pictures. There's the back of the Alien Movie Viewer and pictures of the poster that comes with a '79 kenner. Enjoy..

Well, we had our 100,000th visitor! I have no idea who you are, but congratulations! You deserve a damn cookie!

More detailed information has been posted reguarding the Tsukuda Alien. Thanks to Giger's Alien for this info!

Added a few more things. Also I've noticed that a few things from the old site didnt make it to the new one for some reason. One of which is the Galoob Micro Machines toys. I also found a few pictures of various soundtracks. Enjoy, and have a good new year!

LEMPilot send me this great photo of his Full Size Alien Head. Check it out!

Also, when I added the top navigation bar, there were a few pages that I screwed up on and they looked like hell (namely the BBS page) but all should be better now!

Oh, and Merry Xmas!

I decided to take a few new pictures today. Go check 'em out- a better picture of two of my Kenner Alien Dolls, and a picture of the Life Size facehugger.

I also finally took a picture of my Original Aliens Movie Poster. Along with this, there was a slight cosmetic change, which is just a navigation bar at the top of the screen so you don't have to scroll all over the place to get where you wanna go. Enjoy!

Look! It's an update! Hi, and Im glad to be back from the dead. Sorry for the down time today, but my web hosting service (pair) was moving their servers all damned day. This shouldnt happen again for quite some time.

Anyway, I really haven't been to any toy shows lately and really don't have any new stuff quite yet to put on the site. I do hope to take pictures of some of the older things that were originally on this site two years ago, since then they were all shitty polaroids, and now I have a much nicer digital camera..

Willie Goldman has informed me that Sci-Fi Entertainment Magazine has printed a price guide to Aliens related merchandise. This is good, right? Well, yea- except for the fact that basically all of the info that they printed came from this site and without any consent and/or acknowledgement!

Of course, the purpose of both of our web sites is to inform people- but it's just simply rude for someone to steal basically ALL of this information and give no credit where credit is due. I'm sure that Mark Rich was assigned to make a priceguide, did one search at Yahoo, and saw both of our sites listed with all of the info he could possibly need. Thanks for ripping us without mention of where you go the pictures and info, Mark!

A letter is being sent to the editors of this magazine. --Chris Wopat

Well, Ive moved this past month and am finally settling into my new house. I as of yet do NOT have an internet connection there (it's been a month! ARGHH!) since the DSL line I'm getting has some 6 week waiting list. Ive got all of my toys n stuff packed away, but they will slowly be unpacked. Theres a lot of random stuff in there I have to go through and take pics of to post here. Expect to see some more updates soon.

In the meantime, I'm working on creating a database for my other site, The Sega Master System Museum. Yea, so I do collect some weird shit- Alien toys and Sega Master System games (anyone remember that system? probably not). If you're bored, check it out. Note that right now none of the CGI works, as my ISP sucks ass and decided to change web servers on me before I got a chance to test the scripts.

Oh, and in the mean-meantime, post some messages to the message base!

Two new things added. A pic of the new ERTL 1979 Alien model remake (sorry, its not opened yet!) and I added a picture of completed Halcyon Aliens Model (thanks to Tom Leech for the pic). Also, the Cheesy Alien Costume has the picture of the entire costume, not just the mask!

There will be more updates added in about two weeks. I'm in the process of moving, and the toys are the first thing to get packed up (they're not THAT vital). So! Stay tuned for more pix in a few weeks. However, there may be updates added before then, if I see anything interesting out there on the 'net or add any more links.

Three more things added today.. A bizzarre halloween mask from Alien, the Alien paperback, and a Wal-Mart exclusive Alien Resurrection toy. Check 'em out!

Two links added: The Ultimate Alien, The Harry Harris Aliens Collection & Archive. Check them out!

I'd promised to add some things, so I've added two today- a Chestburster T-Shirt which I got last year, and the Alien Res bottled-up-toys..

I haven't had anyone notify me of any major problems with the new layout as of yet. Hence, on with the updating! I've got a lot of things to add, and hope to add a few tonight.

Once I've added all the new stuff, I will start re-taking pictures of some older stuff that currently look like.. well, shit. The pix of the Kenner Alien, the Kenner replica, and some posters come to mind here. Ive got a nice new-ish digital camera, which will work MUCH better than the Polaroid/Scanner solution from the past.. Stay tuned!